Jair Bolsonaro Wins Brazilian Presidential Elections

Published on by Marc Zakharia (author)

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Jair Bolsonaro has won Brazil's presidential elections. While his voters are celebrating his victory, there are many concerned about his opinions regarding certain groups of people. Despite having made derogatory remarks regarding gay people, black people and women, Bolsonaro's popularity hasn't taken a hit, having taken away 55% of votes over the opposition's 44%.


Bolsonara has praised Brazil's military dictatorship that was in place from 1964 to 1985 and is being labelled as a far-right dictator in the making by critics. Some have compared Bolsonaro to current US president Donald Trump, some have even gone far enough to compare him to Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte.


Pundits have commented that Fernando Haddad is lucky to have pulled 44% of votes considering he was stepping in as a replacement for President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as the candidate for the Worker’ part less than a month before the first round of the election. The former mayor of Sao Paulo received an endorsement from Lula, who is currently serving 12-years in prison. This has brought both Haddad’s and Lula’s integrity into question alongside criticisms of Bolsonaro.


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