Brighton's Ghostly History Causes a Stir

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According to The Mirror, an online database revealed that “at least 129 incidents of paranormal activity” were reported from Brighton over the years. 

And now our city has become an attraction for those seeking out a spooky experience.

We spoke with Andrew Allen, AKA Jasper of Brighton’s Ghost Walk of the Lanes, to find out what attracts people to Brighton to experience something supernatural.

“We do have people who claim they do sense some presence” says Allen.

“People are always excited to come and see if they can experience something for themselves."

The Ghost Walks began in 2008 based on historical hauntings from around the Lanes area. Since then, the walks have become very popular, and there’s no surprise the busiest night of the year is Halloween.

But what is the most chilling tale to experience on the Ghost Walk? 

“The story of the young nun whose trapped in a wall… There is actually a chill in the air as you pass by that wall” warns Allen. 

Whether it's just proximity or paranormal, one this is for sure - Brighton is Most Haunted indeed.

To get a taste of how haunting Brighton Lanes can be, click the video below, or listen to the Paranormal Podcast!

And if you want to have some fun with your pumpkins at Halloween, also check out our spooky tutorial below:

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