Halloween: From The Streets To The Sheets

Published on by Liberty Gatcombe (author)

 (photo: Liberty Gatcombe)

Halloween is the time of year people hit the streets in the freakiest of fashions. Calandra Balfour, owner of adult-come-homeware store Lust, says things are getting freaky in the bedroom too.

Balfour says people are willing to experiment more this time of year. For a lot of people this is the time they can where more sexual clothing out in public. Trying out items that would usually be worn in a much more sexual context.

She says:

‘They start playing around with what they’re wearing, people might try rubber or PVC something a bit more out there… they’re definitely wearing what we would call very sexual clothing.’ says Balfour. 

She says what starts with just an outfit leads quickly on to accessories. Handcuffs, whips and collars amongst the most popular.

People use Halloween as a time to try out new things in the bedroom too.

Balfour says: ‘Halloween is associated with slightly more alternative lifestyles and I think that definitely applies to the kink lifestyle’

There is more to Halloween than sweet treats and pumpkins. It's a time experimentation is given the go ahead.

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