Halloween in Brighton

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Is Brighton the place to be for Halloween?


Revealed as the most haunted city in the UK, Halloween in Brighton may well be the place to be.

In 2016, Brighton was revealed as the ‘most haunted’ city in the UK with 129 paranormal incidents according to an online database, as well as unconfirmed recordings of ghosts popping up in repeated places.

 Every year in Brighton, shops are filled with pumpkins and costumes, pubs are dressed in cobwebs, houses are flocked with decorations and people’s homes turn into haunted houses. All in the spirit of Halloween.

Brighton’s popular mini-golf hub ‘Globalls’ attended by many well-known youtubers adds a spooky Halloween theme to its course every year.

Halloween is a particularly popular time of year for Brighton’s famous ghost walk hosted by Andrew ‘Jasper’ Allan. Allan hosts the ghost walk all year round through the oldest part of the city known as ‘the lanes’ where he details ghost stories of local histories. From gruesome stories, to ones of a more paranormal nature, this walk has it all.


Articles on the best place to spend Halloween are plentiful, why not visit Brighton one year on the 31st October and find out for yourself?

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