Hastings pub raises money for terminally ill children

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To raise money for the Elsie-Rose Friends Foundation the pub landlord Mark Little and barman Jason paddled more than 26 miles across the English Channel in a Kayak from Dungeness to Boulogne.


Contributions were made at the pub by regulars through quiz nights, crowd funding and raffles.

The money was raised for a granddaughter of a Hastings Fisherman Elsie-Rose.


In 2014 a little girl called Elsie-Rose was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy which causes muscle weakness. As a result it leads to problems with moving, eating, breathing and swallowing.


Most children diagnosed with this illness die before the age of 1 due to respiratory issues. However, Elsie-Rose is now 4 years-old and is striving to carry on like an regular 4 year-old.


Elsie’s family and friends continue to support the resilient youngster who now goes to school, as well as provide financial support to families with disabled, sick and terminally ill-children. 

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