Could 'Dry January' dry up pub profits?

Published on by Frank Kehinde (author)


Pouring a pint (photo: Frank Kehinde)
Pouring a pint

Hastings is a town with plenty of options to have a drink but the Dry January challenge has the potential to impact the 50 pubs and bars in the area.

 Lewis Bennett, the head bartender at The Albion, told Brighton Broadcaster News that "even if it's a small percentage (those doing Dry January) it will effect us." 

 According to statistics recorded in a University of Sussex survey, people have a two in three chance of successfully completing a Dry January.

This year's Dry January challenge is set to potentially have a negative impact on local pubs. According to a data survey from the University of Sussex, 857 UK adults took part in the challenge last year, with two-thirds of the sample successfully giving up alcohol for one month.  According to the research, after successfully taking part in Dry January 79% saved money and 62% had more energy and had better sleep. 

Dry January is set to have a positive effect on our health and pockets but consequently could negatively impact trade.   







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