Sussex police warn cyclists to register bikes.

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Sussex police have set up a stand in Hastings town centre with advice on locking your bike, and how to register your bike with the national cycle database.


Police advised cyclists’ that while having a strong lock is necessary, registering your bike is an important layer of protection that can keep your bike safe.


 Those registering their bikes told of their experience with theft before, with one local resident commenting how her husband’s bike lock wasn’t enough to protect his bicycle.


“I saw this while walking down town and I thought I must look for my children and husband who are avid bike riders. My husband has had his bike stolen twice.”


She said that despite having a strong bike lock, it wasn’t enough to stop her husband’s bike being stolen


“in Hastings, my husband had his bike stolen a second time, chained up with a thick chain outside his work in broad daylight. He just went into work came out half an hour later and it was gone”


Another cyclist said he has had his bike stolen three times.


“I want to reduce the risk of having my bike stolen permanently. I’ve had three bikes stolen in my lifetime, two here in Hastings. I passed over police wanting to register cyclists in Shoreditch before and I ignored it. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, because the printing on the back of the wheel does actually help.”


Cyclists here today are hoping that by registering their bikes with the police, they are just a bit more protected.





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