Cost of Potholes to bring a whole lot of trouble

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Today is nation pothole day, started on the 15th of January 2015 to raise awareness of potholes in the UK. Founded by Mark Powell a strong anti-pothole campaigner, who started petitions and even made TV appearances.


In 2018 a survey from Institute of Advanced Motoring surveyed 7000 motorists and found that 47% of them had had their vehicles damaged by potholes. 50 % of people also fell that their roads where much worse in the last three years Mike Quinton, Chief Executive Officer of IAM Road Smart, expressed that they were “concerned at the safety implications of drivers having to swerve to avoid potholes as well as the high level of damage and injuries” that the results of the survey revealed.


Sussex council asks anyone concerned with potholes to report then though the report a pothole page on their website. However, many people feel that the council need to take more action.


Hastings had been hit hard by this un-holy menace, you don’t have to look very hard to find one. This is a problem that hits coastal towns the hardest because of strong winds that bring increased erosion. This is bad news for Hastings and with February looming the town could be in whole lot more trouble.


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