Propose for £1 this Valentines

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Valentines is less than a month away, and Poundland is offering boxed engagement rings for a bargain price.


The ‘blind rings’ are intended to be a ‘place-holder’ item until those proposing come up with a real engagement ring.


The Cubic Zirconia stoned rings come in a plush red velvet box and is available in a variety of colours as part of the Valentines range. The colours include blue, silver and red stones with a silver or gold band.


Hastings residents say: “I would definitely propose with a £1 ring!”.


Poundland supervisor Sabina Hilton says: “The rings give couples who are on a budget an opportunity to buy a temporary one, until they invest in a real rock”.


Another Poundland spokesperson says: “These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they’ll want to buy their own. Our Bling Ring is setting the scene for the real deal”.

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