Speed Limit Brocken 100 Times An Hour In Some Roads

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Hastings Community Speed Watch volunteer Jon Bunter, who operates a speed camera, revealed the problems they have been noticing on Hastings roads.

Jon Bunter says: “Some roads we visit we can get 100 speeders an hour. One site we do is always over 100 in an hour, it’s really quite ridiculous”.

Hastings Community Speed Watch and police officers have been making an effort to halt speeders for speed awareness week, an event designed to make aware the dangers of breaking the speed limit.  Community Speed Watch volunteer Bob Kenward explained the dangers that even going a few miles per hour can cause.


Bob Kenward says: “The national statistics show that if a child is hit at 30 miles per hour, chances are 90 percent will recover. If the child is his at 36 miles per hour or more, chances are 90 percent it will lead to a fatality”.

Bob Kenward lost a nephew to a speeding accident and now passes on awareness of speeding to prevent a family having to go though the same thing he did.

Resident of Gillsman Park, Jon Funnel, supports says he supports speed awareness week, and wishes to see more safe drivers on the road.

Jon Funnel: “I think it’s a brilliant idea. This road is renowned for being high speeding traffic at all times of the day. It’s not too bad at the moment, but if you came at five o’clock on a Friday it would be horrific. People should be ashamed of themselves and of the way they’re driving”.

The Speed Awareness Campaign is approaching the end of its first week. It will end on the 27th.


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