"Lives could be at risk," say mental health charities

Published on by Jen McGee (author)

Daniel Wasp, University of Brighton (photo: )

Daniel Wasp, University of Brighton

Charities are warning that not enough is being done to spot early signs of mental health issues in young people.

“Doomsday scenario” will happen 10 years earlier than predicted

Published on by Patricia Elizabeth (author)

Half of the UK population is at risk of being obese by 2040.

UK drone users to sit safety tests

Published on by Jessica Ubhi (author)

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Drone users in the United Kingdom may need to take safety awareness tests under new government legislation.

Kid electrical toys: What are you buying?

Published on by Laurencia Aning (author)

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A review by Which raises concerns that electrical toys may have security issues; some popular toys may be hackable and allow people access to young children.


Published on by Adam Redondo Pearce (author)

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A small group of scientists has decided to send messages to a system over 12 light years away.