First Christian Union in two years at Hastings Campus

Published on by Laurencia Aning (author)

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Success of new society started up by local students is uncertain

Extension of High Speed rail link

Published on by Eliza-Joan Garvey (author)

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Extension of High Speed rail link could be a ‘game changer’ for the people of Hastings

Old Pound Coins No Longer Legal Tender

Published on by Liam Forkes (author)

The new twelve-sided £1 coin. (photo: )

The new twelve-sided £1 coin.

Today (October 16th) marks the first day that old-style pound coins are no longer legal tender, meaning businesses can refuse to accept them.

The Great Storm: 30 Years On

Published on by Neil Miles (author)

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Three decades after the the great storm of '87 residents form Hastings share their experiences

Online and dating app crimes

Published on by Jessica Ubhi (author)

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Crimes linked to online dating have risen dramatically