Fencing event on point as Parklife program expands

Published on by Beatrice Stapleford (author), Jonathan Lowe (author)

Parklife Fencing  (photo: Beatrice Stapleford )
Parklife Fencing

The Priory Square building has students sharpening up their skills, with fencing as the sport of the week.

It was recommended on the Parklife Facebook group, as a good way to have fun and get fit.

The Parklife program gives students the opportunity to suggest new sports that they would like to have a go at. So far suggestions have included glow in the dark badminton, a dodge ball tournament and a roller disco.

Parklife sports co-ordinator, Mike Fisher, said: “We are really keen to hear from staff and students, anything they want to see us run.

“Anything that might be out of the ordinary we’d love to give it a go and see what students think."

The Parklife program has expanded from the other campuses, after they have all received good feedback from students.

The activities and sports are played casually, in a non-competitive environment.

If you have any ideas and want to get involved in, speak to Mike in the Priory Square basement, or email him at M.Fisher2@uni.brighton.ac.uk

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