Ennis-Hill & Radcliffe are wary of Russian Athletes.

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British Athletes Jessica Ennis Hill and Paula Radcliffe are in doubt about Russia at the 2016 Olympic games.

Russia hare currently banned from all athletics competitions indefinitely until further notice.

Jessica Ennis-Hill, who currently holds the Olympic and World heptathlon titles. Ennis-Hill wants “drastic measures” if Russian athletes are allowed to compete at the 2016 games in Rio. Marathon legend Paula Radcliffe, also behind Ennis-hill’s claims, believes that other countries may need investigating.


The IAAF has been accused of being corrupt, and the body is also suspected of helping Russia cover up its doping schemes.


In an interview with BBC Sport, Ennis-Hill said “There is obviously a lot more to come put and it seems to be getting worse and worse.” She explained “It’s awful to see but at the same time you have to think that our sport has to go through this really terrible time.”


“It has to go to the very bottom, to the darkest place for it to rise then come out the other side”


In the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, Ennis-Hill finished second in the heptathlon event behind Russia’s, Tatyana Chernova.


Later, Chernova was give a two-year ban due to doping, and was stripped of her titles over a two year period.


Unfortunately for Ennis-Hill, the titles taken away from the Russian Heptathlon specialist were only taken up to 14th August 2011. Chernova won the competition on the 30th August 2011.


Ennis-Hill is still looking forward to the competition in Rio and is hoping to retain her gold medal status.


“I’ll be there to do a job and I don’t want to be distracted by what other people are doing and what they are wrongly doing’ she said “I want to focus on my performances and make sure that I do that properly.”

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