Hastings Remembers fallen Heroes

Published on by Sophie Middleton (author), Yasmin Thomas (author)

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Hastings remembered the fallen soldiers and their families with a honourable Remembrance Sunday war memorial, remembering members of the Armed Forces who have died in battle.

Hastings campaigners win their bid to have Prince Albert statue relocated to Priory Meadow.

Published on by Chloe Garnham (author), Eden Lord (author)

Priory Meadow (photo: )

Priory Meadow

Hastings Borough Council have finally given in to campaigners who were seeking permission to see

The Crypt reincarnated

Published on by Khari Miller (author)

The crypt (photo: )

The crypt

Hastings Nightlife has arisen as the once infamous nightclub The Crypt has been resurrected after 4 long years.

Potential Social Service Funding Cuts for the Vulnerable

Published on by Aimee Carney (author), Megan Reeves (author)

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Concerned campaigners about the future welfare of vulnerable young people and the elderly are questioning the council in Hastings, after news that there could be a £40 million pound cut to local services that they utilise.

Lewes bonfire leaves 80 injured

Published on by Annabel Gammack (author)

Lewes Article (photo: )

Lewes Article

The Bonfire at Lewes drew in another huge crowed this year, producing yet another good show. However not all was as it seemed, with many of the crowd leaving with more than they were expecting.