David Cameron - Should he stay or should he go?

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Ryan Daly (author)

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David Cameron has become the talk of Twitter over the past two weeks, and just yesterday the campaign #CameronMustGo proved more popular than #VoteYes, which was used by pro-independence campaigners during the Scottish referendum.

Owen calls for sense to prevail in Bus cuts row

Published on by Daniel King (author)

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Labour’s Parliamentary candidate, Sarah Owen, has called for East Sussex County Council to reject controversial cuts to subsidised buses.

Supporting World AIDS Day and beating the Stigma

Published on by Jordan Hogan (author)

World AIDS Day Ribbon (photo: Jordan Hogan)

World AIDS Day Ribbon

Today marks the 26th anniversary of World AIDS Day and people all over the globe are donating money to support the cause.

Drink-drivers to be ‘named and shamed’ on twitter

Published on by Jonathan Lowe (author), Jack Bibb (author)

Drink  (photo: Free Images)


For the second year in a row, motorists in Hastings could be publicly shown up on social media.

First BBN vine

Published on by Jonathan Lowe (author)

BBN VINE (photo: Jonathan Lowe )


Brighton Broadcaster News has unleashed its new social media tactic