Eurovision 2017: Brexit Speculated To Have Impact

Published on by Liam Forkes (author), Jennie Hopman (author), Lisa Bakker (author)

Lucie Jones, the UK's Eurovision entrant for 2017 (photo: )

Lucie Jones, the UK's Eurovision entrant for 2017

Experts believe that the UK's chance of winning the yearly singing contest may be jeopardised by the vote to leave the EU.

Where To Spark Your Night This Fifth of November!

Published on by Lisa Hall (author)

Guy Fawkes (photo: Google)

Guy Fawkes

Remember, remember the fifth of November, bonfires, sparklers and fireworks. We can see no reason that on this season, you should ever spend it at home!

Happy Hastings' festivities

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

 (photo: )

Your Christmas guide to pantomimes and performances

NEWS: Brighton gone Bonkers for Beer

Published on by Phoebe Doolan (author)

Largest Tap Wall (photo: )

Largest Tap Wall

A weekend full of stumbling through Brighton is upon us as a Craft Beer Festival takes over.


Published on by Julia Shungu (author)

 (photo: )

From shops that sell mystical items in the old town; a range of swords to a book store near the town centre that sells a range of alcohol. What do they all have in common? Their beautiful artistic interior.