Lib Dem U-turn over Brexit Stance

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author)

Stephen Lloyd (photo: Chris Dabbs)
Stephen Lloyd

Today marks the beginning of the 2019 General Election campaign. The main focus for MPs in this year's election is Brexit.

With Nigel Farage's Brexit Party announcing that they will be standing in every parliamentary seat in Sussex, Eastbourne voted to leave with a large majority and now that the Lib Dems are the only pure anti-Brexit party standing Mr Lloyd is going against the flow.

But he thinks that the general election is a chance to start again with a “clean slate” and that Eastbourne’s voters will understand that he is now following his heart and campaigning to remain.

Although this election is likely to be fought mainly on Brexit issues, he told me that he won’t be expecting everyone to back him and he understands that he will lose votes.

Caroline Ansell is the Conservative’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Eastbourne and will be standing on her party’s Brexit policy.

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