Labour MP Lloyd Russel - Moyle says Brighton Arms factory puts city under threat

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Iran’s War general Qasem Soleimani who was assassinated by the United States last week was Killed by an M9 reaper drone, which Brighton’s own EDO MBM supplied parts for.

Lloyd who has famously campaigned against the factory believes that it has no place in Brighton as it sells weapon parts to authoritarian  regimes like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Both of which have poor human rights records.

Lloyd Russel Moyle, Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown said this about the situation.

 “It does have a danger of meaning that we become a target of aggression. Now I don’t think that the Iranians are so silly to do that”.

 While an attack would be unlikely Lloyd also brought up that the resources being used here could be used more productively:

 “I would like to see a wider diversification out of the arms trade into productive capacities that is useful for our country, whether its technology or green power and green energy” claimed Russell – Moyle

 However, critics of the MP have said that the arms factory brings employment to the area and that the local economy would be worse off without it.

 Russell – Moyle in response argued that the if EDO MBM was not here there would be another company to take its place.

 “If that factory wasn’t there, I suspect there would be other jobs in manufacturing that would be very useful”

 “I would prefer to have a factory that would producing useful things rather than a factory that was producing things that kill people” 


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