New EU Rule Frustrates Hastings Local Anglers

Published on by Aimee Carney (author), Meg Reeves (author)

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The new rule means anglers can no longer keep any sea bass they catch until July of this year.


Dwindling numbers of the fish means the law has been put into place, however anglers believe they are not being treated very fairly. According to the fishermen in the Hastings area, the anglers have brought this upon themselves by not ‘playing their part’ and should do what they can to conserve the sea bass fish.


Martyn Kemp, the Hastings Angling Centre Director, commented on his lack of support for the new rule: “Anglers are disgusted by new highly discriminatory EU bass fishing rules which do nothing for urgently needed bass conservation,” he said.


“The new regulations on bass fishing coming in force now are a travesty for bass conservation and highly discriminatory against recreational anglers and the angling industry”.


The next six months is the bass’ spawning period and the European Commission wishes to restrict fishing so stocks can replenish. After hearing the news, 8000 people have already signed a petition against the rule for the attention of the UK Government.



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