Tuition Fees Face Further Increases

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University of Brighton - Hastings Campus (photo: )
University of Brighton - Hastings Campus

Parliament’s decision to further raise tuition fees to £9,250 a year has left current and prospective students angered.


Parliament’s decision to further raise tuition fees marks the start of a four-year term, which will allow universities across the United Kingdom to raise their fees per academic year. The reasoning behind the changes is based upon the framework of a ‘higher standard in the quality of teaching’.


Since its introduction back in September 1998, tuition fees have undergone a gradual increase over the past 20 years. Both Undergraduates and Postgraduates have faced fees of £9,000 per academic year.


Students at the University of Brighton Hastings Campus have been left frustrated and are left questioning the decision upheld by Parliament.


 Student Ambassador for the Hastings Campus Bruno Batista was also left confused and said ‘’I think in the current situation it cannot be justified, students are already struggling financially.”


Mr Batista also went onto state that he believed that education should be a universal opportunity and therefore free for people capable and with willing skills.


However, University Boards across the United Kingdom have welcomed the raise in tuition fees believing that rises were necessary to meet the demands of students.


University of Brighton Campus Director in Hastings Paul Frost believes that there is solid reasoning behind the raises made by parliament stating that: ‘’Universities operate like businesses, they offer great facilities, halls of residence, online services and great staff’’.


‘’The truth is, it requires to go up and without any sorts of these subsidiaries is not possible unless you have a fee from students’’.


Rises are set to sweep the nation and be implemented by all Universities by 2020. It remains to be seen whether the rises will have an impact on attracting prospective students. Although current PM Theresa May has pledged to freeze tuition fees at £9,250 in an attempt to swing young voters.

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