Council warns services could be reduced to the legal miniumum

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The county council says it has drawn up a proposal to ensure vital needs of residents are met, but it has warned it’s not sustainable in the long term due to severe financial difficulties.


Conservative-led East Sussex County Council has said it needs to cut close to £46m by 2021-22 and has called for more funding from the Government to avoid disruption to vital services.


According to the proposal, saving £12.3m is suggested over the next three years, leaving the council another £33.4m to find under a ‘worst-case scenario’.

The ‘Core Offer’, as named by the council, says social work programmes such as Meals on Wheels could be cut from their funding which could save £483,000.


There could be cutbacks to libraries and road maintenance which could also save £500,000 and £884,000 retrospectively.


Cllr Keith Glazier, Leader of East Sussex County Council, said: “We’d all like to provide more than a core service because none of us came into politics to make cuts, but this proposal is presented as a realistic ambition in a time of austerity.”


The cabinet will meet on Tuesday 13th of November to discuss the proposal.


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