Amber Rudd Slams UN Poverty Report

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UN Rapporteur Philip Alston  (photo: Wang Zhao/AFP)
UN Rapporteur Philip Alston


A new report looking at poverty around the globe, published last week by the United Nations has come under fire by the new Work & Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd.

In her first appearance in the House of Commons since being appointed back to the front bench after her resignation as Home Secretary earlier this year; referring to the report, Ms Rudd said that she's: "Disappointed in the least, by the extraordinary political nature of his language". 

The report written by UN rapporteur Philip Alston after his 2-week visit to the UK, said that the damage the UK government had done to its citizens through austerity measures introduced since 2010 had inflicted real poverty onto people.

In his report he went on to say that the levels of child poverty were: "not just a disgrace but a social calamity and an economic disaster".

However in her address to the commons, Ms Rudd said: "We, on this side of the house, will always engage with professionals, with experts, with NGOs. We are not so proud that we don't think we can learn as we try to adjust Universal Credit for the benefit of everybody."

Ms Rudd stepped down as Home Secretary earlier this year after the Windrush scandal.

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