Shanghai To Open Public Unisex Toilet

Published on by Emma McGrievy (author), Emily Williamson (writer)

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The world’s first public unisex toilet will be opened for a trial period in Shanghai in November, in an attempt to reduce the time women spend waiting in queues.

Fast food ads to be banned on TV to tackle childhood obesity

Published on by Tiffany Plummer (author)

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MP’s have been trying to push forward plans for fast food adverts to be banned during family TV shows, as they call on the Government to introduce a new “sugar tax” on soft drinks.

Glamorous Fall Makeup Tutorial

Published on by Catherine Delves (author)

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Catherine and Mary created a dramatic makeup look inspired by Autumn colour palettes.

Stress is the biggest cause in weight gain whilst at university.

Published on by Jonathan Lowe (author)

Student choosing food  (photo: Jonathan Lowe )

Student choosing food

1000 student survey finds the average student gains nearly two stone in their first year.

Children's mental health service cut by 6%

Published on by Jordan Hogan (author)

NHS (photo: NHS)


NHS spending on children's mental health services in England has fallen by almost £50 million, latest figures show.