Is Brighton just rubbish?

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author)

Steine Gardens litter (photo: Chris Dabbs)

Steine Gardens litter

Visit England said that Brighton's visitors numbers were down by 1% in 2016. Are people being put off by the downtrodden state of Brighton's public spaces?

Brighton's Beach Clean Initiative to Help Save Sea Life

Published on by Kate Stewart (author)

 (photo: )

Volunteers are helping to keep Brighton's beach free from plastic waste pollution and reduce the risk to the environment.

Brighton and Hove's StreetsAhead Campaign: 8 Months On

Published on by Tom Palmer (author)

 (photo: Tom Palmer)

Brighton and Hove City Council’s initiative was launched 8 months ago but how successful has it been?

Tackling Brighton's litter problem

Published on by Jack Oliver (author)

Beach Bin (photo: )

Beach Bin

Brighton has seen plenty of campaigns in recent months to help tackle littering, but is enough being done?

News: Has Record Store Day Lost Its Spirit?

Published on by Liberty Gatcombe (author)

 (photo: Liberty Gatcombe)

Launched in 2007 and growing at an accelerated pace, independent record store owners say it’s a sell out to the big corporations who they say don’t support them.