Christmas debt for parents in East Sussex

Published on by Eden Olivia Lord (author), Annabel Gammack (author)

Shopping sales in Priory (photo: )

Shopping sales in Priory

More than half of parents in the South East are struggling financially with the stress and pressures of Christmas.

BREAKING NEWS: Collision Closes Parts of A21

Published on by Holly Doran (author)

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Serious car accident on the outskirts of Hastings causes man to be airlifted to hospital in a critical condition and road to be closed

Clowning Around: Unwelcome Visitor In Train Stations Signal Box

Published on by Holly Doran (author)

Usually its a fallen tree or flooding on the tracks, but this morning South Eastern commuters were left red nosed with their excuses as to why they were late this morning...

Prominent Broadcaster could be facing cancellation over criticism of Tory MP

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author)

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The Daily Mail has slammed popular UK broadcaster ‘BBN’ over alleged bias against Conservative MP and Energy Secretary Amber Crudd.

Hastings Remembers fallen Heroes

Published on by Sophie Middleton (author), Yasmin Thomas (author)

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Hastings remembered the fallen soldiers and their families with a honourable Remembrance Sunday war memorial, remembering members of the Armed Forces who have died in battle.