Lib Dem U-turn over Brexit Stance

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author)

Stephen Lloyd (photo: Chris Dabbs)

Stephen Lloyd

Eastbourne’s Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd is causing a stir as he appears to be performing a U-turn over his stance on Brexit.

Benefit freeze to come to an end.

Published on by Josh House (author)

 (photo: )

The government is planning to unfreeze several benefits which may bring more money to the local economy.

Playing the Spoons – The Tim Martin Brexit Show

Published on by Martin Vessey (author)

Tim Martin (photo: Mole)

Tim Martin

While the Wetherspoons boss travels the country preaching his vision of a no-deal Brexit, his most vocal critic has made it his mission to attend every meeting.

Overseas Student Visits up on Last Year Despite Brexit

Published on by Martin Vessey (author)

EU students (photo: Mole)

EU students

Rise in number of overseas students visiting UK believed to be linked to cheap sterling but number of EU students expected to plummet in a "no-deal Brexit".

Amber Rudd Slams UN Poverty Report

Published on by Callum French (author)

UN Rapporteur Philip Alston  (photo: Wang Zhao/AFP)

UN Rapporteur Philip Alston

The new Work & Pensions Secretary isn't happy new UN report.