Hastings pub raises money for terminally ill children

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

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After months of fundraising, Hastings pub The Dolphin Inn have managed to raise over £3000 for terminally ill children.

Hastings Council Dismisses budget “Window dressing” to catch few favourable headlines

Published on by Stanley Evans-Power (author)

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Hastings Local council leader says Residents became guinea pigs for a system designed to punish the poor.

Protect the Protectors: South London Attack on police

Published on by Ayobami Adeyemo (author)

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In the wake of the shocking footage of a street brawl involving the police, the argument for better equipped officers patrolling the streets has been raised again by federation leader Ken Marsh.

Great Smog Anniversary Marks Improvements In Pollution Monitoring

Published on by Marc Zakharia (author)

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The Great Smog plagued London on December 5th, 1952.

Local Mencap have a plan to expand their existing premises

Published on by Georgia Hill (author)

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Hastings and Bexhill Mencap are looking to expand their current building to provide better facilities for their members and the local community.