New “World Class” Tennis Court in Eastbourne by Summer 2017

Published on by Rachel Mckenzie (writer), Emily Williamson (editor)

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The Construction of a 1M new tennis court in Devonshire Park have now begun.

Is an Exotic Pet the Right Pet?

Published on by Liyana Bt Mohamed Zulkifli (author), Lauren Roberts (author)

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Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium urges people not to buy exotic pets unless they are committed to giving them a forever home.

Internet Craze "Table Breaking" Sees Man Impaled

Published on by Darcey Haynes (writer), Emily Williamson (editor)

Many partakers have suffered from injuries. (photo: )

Many partakers have suffered from injuries.

People are throwing themselves off of roofs onto plastic tables as part of a dangerous Facebook trend...

The Alcoholic Hunger Games

Published on by Jimmy Sexton (author)

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New UK research reveals why we raid the cupboards and crave a kebab after we've been drinking.

208 arrests in Sussex Drink/Drug Driving Crackdown

Published on by Reece Webb (author)

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New statistics from Sussex Police reveal huge crackdown on substance abusing drivers.