Dr Sarah Atkinson tells Brighton Broadcaster about the history of the Hastings Campus

Published on by Alex Havell (author)

University of Brighton Hastings (photo: )

University of Brighton Hastings

Sarah Atkinson explains the changes that the Hastings Campus has gone through over its twelve year history.

Potholes Fixed For the Price of Pizza

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Hope Smyth (author)

Pothole on Havelock Crossroad (photo: Hope Smyth)

Pothole on Havelock Crossroad

New pothole repair technology in Hastings, Bexhill and Battle will reduce the cost to the equivalent of a takeaway pizza, saving taxpayers precious money

Violent Crime Rises in South East England

Published on by Sadie Smith (author)

 (photo: )

Statistics for England and Wales in 2014 reveal a rise in violent crime against people.

Home Buyers Wait 16 years For First Home

Published on by Chloe Garnham (author)

First time buyers are struggling in todays economic climate. (photo: )

First time buyers are struggling in todays economic climate.

Home buyers in Sussex and the rest of the South East would need to save for over 16 years to be able to afford to buy a home, says the charity, Shelter.

Hastings Police Issue Car Theft Warning

Published on by Aimee Carney (author), Megan Reeves (author)

 (photo: Aimee Carney )

Residents of Hastings are being warned not to leave valuables in their cars.