Universities in Brighton shortlisted as the most "vegan-friendly"

Published on by Kate Stewart (author)

Vegan-Friendly Meal

Vegan-Friendly Meal

Vegan-Friendly Meal

Vegan-Friendly Meal

The shortlist of 20 universities was published by animal-rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which commended Brighton and Sussex for "offering healthy and delicious vegan food options that everyone can enjoy.”

With a rising number of students in the UK going vegan, many British universities are opting to join the plant-powered revolution

At the University of Brighton, there is always at least one vegan option on offer, while the cafes provide non-dairy milks and vegan baked goods.

The University of Sussex integrated more vegan-friendly options following demands from students.

PETA director Elisa Allen said that both Brighton Universities promoted a vegan diet by offering plenty of plant-based options on campus.

PETA claim that for every person that switches to a vegan diet, 200 animals a year are spared.

PETA also said that vegans have “significantly lower” carbon emissions than meat-eaters and have a much lower chance of developing heart disease and suffering from diabetes and strokes.

Vegans say it’s no wonder that lots of young people are opting for more vegan-friendly,  plant-based alternatives.

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