Why We Should Be Shouting About Sprouts

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Topping the charts of most wasted food at Christmas, a nutritionist reveals why we shouldn’t be binning a single sprout

A 2015 study revealed brussel sprouts were the most wasted food during the festive period. The study, part of Unilever’s Project Sunlight Clear A Plate campaign, found approximately 17.2 million sprouts were chucked in 2015. 

Nutritionist Ruth Reynolds says we shouldn’t just be eating our sprouts but we should be having them more than just one day a year. She says: 

“They’re packed full of goodies... vitamin c, potassium, B-vitamins, calcium, protein, iron. The list is endless. They really are a little power food.” .

Boiled sprouts

Boiled sprouts

Ruth suggests experimenting with recipes to make them a more appealing side dish. She says:

“If you just put them in a pan and boil them, they can be really bland. But there’s so many ways you can really jazz them up and make them much more interesting to eat.” 

Brussel sprout bhajis

Spiced up sprout bhajis

She suggests stir frying with chestnuts or sesame seeds. Or if you’re feeling spicy whipping up a brussel sprout curry and even turn them in to bhajis.

With all that in mind, the humble sprout may well be the best present you could wish for this festive season.

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