Hope For British Food Classic

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A panel of nutritionists has voted Wetherspoon’s breakfast as the most nutritious of those served in the UK’s pub, restaurant and coffee outlets.
In previous years the Great British fry-up has faced heavy criticism, on the whole the fry-up has a decidedly greasy, un-wholesome reputation. Last year The Guardian reported that the fry-up was a “disgrace and the most overrated of all of Britain's traditional dishes.”
However, readers of the Daily Mail online are conflicted about the nutritional qualities of the meal. One reader, "Shark Parmo" commented: "It’s nice to see a positive attitude towards our traditions for a change." 
Another reader slated the award calling the full English “a nutritionally disastrous breakfast!”
Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon defended the breakfast and its award saying: “ We sell hundreds of thousands of breakfasts every year and we have always displayed the calorie content and nutritional information.
“People will make their own breakfast choices but not everyone wants to eat bran flakes- its good to know that if you want something substantial that it doesn’t have to be really bad for you”
The judging was based on protein quality, fat content, carb sources, salt content, sugar content, nutrient density and price.

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