Treatment for peanut allergy could be on the horizon.

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A large number of people have a peanut allergy, which causes them to spend their lives constantly checking food labels to make sure they can eat it safely. 

It is a very common allergy that affects many people and makes their lives difficult.

From the milder attacks including breakouts and rashes to urgently needing an epipen and even being rushed to A&E, the peanut allergy reactions affect each person differently.

Peanut allergy sufferer Jasmin Sehmbi has lived with this since she was 3 and has only had a couple minor attacks.

She still finds having this allergy difficult to cope with.

"Having a nut allergy is so limiting, like everyday things. I can't just pop into any store and have something to eat."

She says that having to thoroughly check ingredients on food and even face washes is tiring.

The trial took place with 85 children and they were required to eat peanut protein powder.

The dose of the powder increased every fortnight throughout the study.

By the end, the findings suggested that 84% of the allergic children could eat the equivalent of five peanuts a day after just six months.

It is believed that the majority of the patients learned to tolerate the peanut.

Dr Andrew Clark told the BBC: “It really transformed their lives dramatically.”

If the treatment continues to be this much of a success then other allergy sufferers like Jasmin will have more of a carefree life when it comes to what they can and can't eat. 

Jasmin makes a valid point and speaks on behalf of many other allergic suffers when she says: "It will make my life a lot easier."

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