Fast food Outlets opening faster than people can digest

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Britain is giving the US a run for their “food” in the race for the county with the highest rate of processed food consumerism.

Britain is now one of the countries most addicted to fast food. Consumers craving for quick fix food isn’t going unnoticed by businesses. The number of unhealthy fast food takeaways on the nation’s high streets has soared over the past two decades, recent analysis by Public Health England shows that there are 5,831 takeaways in East Sussex alone.

The effects of this can be seen in the overweight levels in England, which has increased by ¾ since the 80’s.

A poll of 9,000 people in 13 nations found almost half of British respondents would be unable to give up fast food.

Brian Lee an ex- Mcdonalds worker claimed he eats fast food 15 times a month and he wouldn’t be giving up convenience food anytime soon.

Alison Belcourt tutor at the CNM college of Naturopathic nutrition in Brighton said “Fast food is high in fat and sugar with no fibre. It gives you fuel with no nutrients value to help digest. The more man interferes with food the less healthy it becomes.”

Not only does fast food have negative effects on the body, a study conducted by Dr John Hoebel and colleagues at Princeton University suggests the individual may also become addicted to fat and sugar.

Their symptoms, including chattering teeth and the shakes, were similar to those seen in humans suffering withdrawal from nicotine or morphine.



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