Protecting Pooches This Winter

Published on by Megan Bilsby (author), Lauren Roberts (author)

A Pup basks in the winter sunlight in his new coat (photo: Megan Bilsby)
A Pup basks in the winter sunlight in his new coat

As winter officially starts to set in, the harsh conditions present a whole heap of problems for humans and dogs alike; from dry hair (or fur) to a seasonal cold, and even a case of chapped lips. A dog isn’t just for Christmas, but do we actually know how to look after our pooches for the other 364 days of the year?

Dogs in jumpers and jackets may seem ridiculous, after all, most are born with a natural fur coat of their own, but this season it goes far beyond being just a superficial fashion statement. Boutique pet store owner and dog lover Sharon Galliford insists that a doggy coat is an absolute winter essential.

And Sharon isn’t alone, “it’s vital that dogs receive walks and exercise even in this horrible weather, and dogs with short fur definitely need a nice fleecy coat during cold snaps”, warns Pet Express’ Matt Badham. 


Collared: The specialist dog clothing shop in Hastings

Collared: The specialist dog clothing shop in Hastings


Here are some top tips and pawesome purchases to consider this winter, courtesy of Sharon and Matt:


  1. Waterproof rain macs are perfect for spaniels and other water dogs that can’t resist a puddle or two
  2. As the nights get longer reflective strips are a great addition to add to your dog’s jacket or collar
  3. Alternatively, you could attach lights or bells to collars and leads to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts
  4. Dogs’ paws are allergic to grit so avoid paths scattered with salt
  5. If a gritted path is unavoidable be sure to wash your dog’s paws
  6. Or, invest in dog shoes (yes, really), they’re a perfect slip on surface that protect paws from grit and snow
  7. Finally, for mucky pups that need a wash, it’s imperative that they are completely dry before they go back outside to prevent them from catching a cold

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