Jamie Oliver's call to ban school cake and bakes sales

Published on by Elisha Atkinson (author), Emily Huelin (author)

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After campaigning for healthier school meals by banning the Turkey Twizzlers and chips, Jamie Oliver has moved his thoughts to cake bake sales explaining they send out the wrong message to children. 

Recent figures show that childhood obesity is on the rise, with almost one in ten children between the ages of four and five are hitting dangerous fat levels.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation said: “This appears to be recognised by pupils and school staff, and there is an appetite from parents for the use of such foods in this way to be limited to once a term.”

“The culture of high fat and sugary foods used as rewards, in fundraising and in celebrations, is creating social and physical environments that contradict children’s food education.”


Research has revealed that 86 percent of secondary school teachers and 85 percent of primary school teachers said their school fundraising activities include cake and bake sales.

The report disclosed school children are being rewarded with treats high in salt, sugar and fat after it found a secondary school offered doughnuts to forms with 100% attendance records for over a month. In another case, pupils were offered pizza and fried chicken from Dominoes and KFC as encouragement to take part in revision sessions.

The foundation is calling for all schools to become ‘healthy zones’ where pupils health and wellbeing are promoted throughout all parts of school life.

In addition to this the foundation said unhealthy food were often on offer at schools at a cheaper price, meaning children would pick them over healthier snacks.

The report also slammed marketing tricks used by supermarkets found in schools of putting chocolate and sweets near the tills.

It said salad and healthier options were often found in places separate from the main food counters.

Oliver explained: "We've found that there's a massive difference between the schools that are doing a great job at delivering food education and those that are struggling.

"We are alarmed at the concerns raised about the food available, particularly in secondary schools.

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