Attack of the lice: Salmon edition

Published on by Laurencia Aning (author), Emily Huelin (editor)

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Salmon farms in Scotland have been found to contain an unhealthy amount of sea lice. The guidelines for production of salmon should be no more than one louse and the distributors named in the find, distribute fish to leading supermarkets in the UK. Marina Harvest Scotland, Furnace Quarry Farm and Score Holm farm all sell Scottish salmon to supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and Co-op. 

With this growing problem of lice continuing and happening to healthy fish all over the world, consumers could be looking at even more expensive prices when they go to their local supermarket with businesses investing in new advance technologies in order to tackle the sea lice issue. Scottish Salmon Company and Marine Harvest were not available to comment on this. 

This discovery came about after Salmon and Trout Conservation found the unhealthy amount of sea lice through multiple salmon farms. The group are now encouraged to ask Scottish ministers to reform the way salmon farms produce their fish. 

Four years ago the shocking discovery of horse meat being sold in local supermarkets was reviled. Will British retailers be able to bounce back from another shocking health scandal? 

On average, there was at least three lice per farmed fish at salmon farms. The worldwide supply of salmon fell almost ten percent last year. The sea lice continue to deplete salmon stocks and the issue is on-going. 

Salmon and Trout Conservation had asked the Scottish government several times last year to make a public record of the farms that had breached the healthy levels of sea lice. The Scottish information commissioner agreed to their request last month.

It is unclear what will happen now aside from the businesses working to make sure that any infected salmon will not be consumed by buyers. 

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