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Black Friday Deals hit the UK

Published on by Marina Turay (author)

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Black Friday kicked off this weekend but the discounts are not over as Cyber Monday dawns upon on us.


Published on by Jasmine Hekmat (writer)

 (photo: Samantha Appleton)

Universities have been accused of misinforming students through their adverts and are going to face a crackdown by the advertising watchdog.

Old Pound Coins No Longer Legal Tender

Published on by Liam Forkes (author)

The new twelve-sided £1 coin. (photo: )

The new twelve-sided £1 coin.

Today (October 16th) marks the first day that old-style pound coins are no longer legal tender, meaning businesses can refuse to accept them.

No To Jerwood? 3 Years Later

Published on by Reece Webb (author), Reece Webb (photographer)

'No Jerwood' - a graffiti protest behind the gallery. (photo: Reece Webb)

'No Jerwood' - a graffiti protest behind the gallery.

The Jerwood Gallery - the popular and controversial Hastings landmark entered its third year of business, but has Jerwood made a positive impact to the local community?

Pop-up shops in Hastings set to bring a new experience to local shoppers

Published on by Megan Bilsby (author)

Pop-up Shops (photo: Megan Bilsby)

Pop-up Shops

Local shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in what pop-up shops have to offer. However despite the economic growth opportunities the market is bringing to Hastings, many shoppers are struggling to be attracted to what the stalls have to offer, leaving them no choice but to stick to the high-street stores.