67% of Workers Are Gambling With Their Health.

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Factors such as guilt, worry of mounting work-load and missing out on pay means that 67% of workers in the south east still turn up to work with the flu, according to a survey by Atomik Research.

As many as a quarter of workers in the south east are only permitted five sick days per year, causing employees to feel pressured to make it into work at all costs.

Research by the Chartered Institute of Personal Management (CIPD) shows that 86 percent of companies have seen a rise in ‘presenteeism’ in the last 12 months, up from 72 per cent the previous year.

The CIPD report warned that “The presence of ill people at work can be costlier to the business than their absence, not only if the illness Is transmitted but also because employees are likely to work less effectively”.

With a third of employees in the south east not entitled to any sick pay, workers are vulnerable, loosing up to £62 a day if they fail to show up for work.  This lack of support for employees is forcing more people in to the work place and endangering their colleague’s health.  

This increase of the presence of ill people at work has resulted in 60 per cent of workers in the south-east falling ill from others at work. 

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