Hastings Council boss launches fight to save health services

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Peter Chowney posted to his Facebook page voicing concerns over East Sussex Healthcare proposing to transfer Ear, Nose and Throat services, such as day cases and planned surgeries from the Hastings Conquest Hospital to Eastbourne District General Hospital. Chowney stated “Its specifically difficult for parents with children undergoing ENT treatment in a deprived area such as Hastings where many families don’t have a car”.


Chowney commented on the difficulties the journey from the Conquest to Eastbourne DGH would present to many patients, claiming it would be easier for residents in Rye to transfer appointments to Ashford.  Key services, such as Maternity, have similarly transferred from Eastbourne to Hastings, leaving other patients in a similar situation.  


Stroke care services have already moved, which Peter Chowney claims has resulted in delays of urgent treatment. In an interview with Brighton Broadcaster today, the council leader said how “one of the contributing factors” to former council leader Jeremy Birch dying from a stroke was that they “couldn’t stabilise him in the ambulance and had to bring him back to the Conquest because they didn’t have the specialist services”.


Comments on social media show a mixed opinion with multiple responses saying it’s harder to get to appointments and find somewhere to park. However, one comment says they feel there are two sites “struggling to provide safe services” and they’d “rather go to Eastbourne for a good and safe service”. The petition against this proposal, started up yesterday, has so far reached over 300 signatures out of the desired 500. 



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