Underage Drinking in Hastings

Published on by Sharon Martins-DosSantos (author)

Challenge 25. (photo: )
Challenge 25.

A girl from St Leonards aged 15, was arrested and found guilty for being drunk, disorderly and stealing alcohol worth of £65 in a local supermarket in Bexhill. Parents show their interest in supporting the new campaign in Hastings which is the Community Alcohol Partnerships that launches to work with schools and supermarkets too.

The Community Alcohol Partnerships scheme designed to crack anti-social behaviour and under age drinking, training all local retailers about the sale of alcohol, particularly using the challenge 25 scheme, having the police patrol areas for under-age drinking with alcohol confiscated and parents informed. 

The aim of the Community Alcohol Partnerships is reduce the underage drinking and anti social behaviour by inviting students to meetings making sure that local supermarkets become stricter on the Think 25 policy and making sure everyone gets their ID checked when buying an alcoholic beverage. 

Whilst visiting the Tesco and Sainsbury store, both managers mentioned that parents insist on them continuing to request ID to all young people that come in the store, they mentioned that young people do try to steal alcohol if they can't present ID to the shop. 

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