Nick Clegg attacks David Cameron’s plan on benefit changes

Published on by Deep Shrestha (author)

Nick Clegg (photo: Moritz Hager)

Nick Clegg

David Cameron’s coalition partner and Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, has said that limiting child benefit is similar to Chinese policy.

Squeaks and Beeps from Household Appliances Could Disrupt Your Sleep

Published on by Adam Redondo Pearce (author)

Sound file from Adobe Audition (photo: )

Sound file from Adobe Audition

A study has revealed that some sounds that you expect in most households can disrupt sleep cycles.

January or Veganuary?

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

 (photo: )

We've all heard of dry January. But what about veganuary January?

Changing our diet could save the planet

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

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Scientists from 16 different countries warn: the way we eat must change dramatically, to avoid damage to our planet and ourselves.

Why it's "All in the Mind" for Children in Hastings

Published on by Georgia Hill (author)

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The Mindfulness Project hosted an event for children Saturday 12th January, combining fun with mindfulness through a variety of creative activities.