Uber taxis apply to operate in Brighton and Hove

Published on by Helen Westgarth (author), Meg Reeves (author)

Brighton and Hove debate Uber application (photo: )

Brighton and Hove debate Uber application

Brighton could be the tenth city in the UK to join the global phenomenon of Uber.

Are Men and Women Represented Differently in Art Forms?

Published on by Jenny Fielding (author)

Jerwood Gallery (photo: Jenny Fielding)

Jerwood Gallery

A look at the public’s views on the gender representation displayed in the nude art being exhibited at the Jerwood Gallery and are women being presented as being more elegant than men?

Election Count Night Story

Published on by Sophie Weaver (author)

Election Count Night 2015 (photo: Sophie Weaver)

Election Count Night 2015

Banter or bullying? Do young people in Hastings have a voice?

Published on by Lauren Kirkland (author)

Sussex Coast College Student engagement programme (photo: Lauren Kirkland)

Sussex Coast College Student engagement programme

The boundaries between banter and bullying have become extremely blurred in recent times, leaving young people confused on the limits and what is considered 'too much'. New Annual Bullying Survey figures from anti-bullying charity ‘Ditch The Label’, reported 45% of young people did not report bullying. 32% of which felt it would not be taken seriously, 32% were too embarrassed and 26% were scared of it getting worse. Are theses statistics representative of the kids in Hastings? And if so, is enough being done for them?

Growing number of 'Chubby' kids Does Hasting harbour overweight kids?

Published on by Rachel Mckenzie (author)

kid eating ice cream (photo: Rachel Mckenzie)

kid eating ice cream