Brighton’s electric cars could become greener

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Government plan could see electric cars sporting re-designed green number-plates.  

A new proposal by the Department for Transport (DfT) could mean that drivers of electric vehicles in Brighton may soon be using new special green number plates in a bid to boost the sale of electric cars. 

The new plates would make it easier to identify the more environmentally friendly vehicles which could see councils across the UK adopting new policies allowing these low-emission vehicles to drive in bus lanes. 

The DfT’s plan could also see significantly reduced parking fees in Brighton. 

One electric vehicle company based in Brighton has welcomed the idea to introduce these new green-coloured number plates.


Brighton Electric says that the Government’s proposal will promote clean energy by increasing the incentive to make the switch from diesel and petrol cars, to the more environmentally friendly electric cars. 

 According to statistics from DfT, the number of electric cars on our roads has risen dramatically over the last few years and, in 2018, sales of electric vehicles in Brighton rose by 72% which was one of the biggest increases in the country.

 The new government proposal comes following last week's news that Brighton and Hove City council will be installing around 200 new electric charging points by January next year.


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