Sussex residents urged to take scammer survey

Published on by Reece Webb (writer), Rachel Mckenzie (editor)

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Sussex Neighbourhood Watch is urging Sussex residents to complete a fraud and scamming survey to better understand and recognise the crime.

Most people are no strangers to fraud and scams, whether through their own experiences or through people they know.

Sussex Police released information revealing half of all UK adults are likely to be targeted by fraudsters in their lifetime and 1 in 10 of those becoming victims of financial fraud.


But how many could spot the danger before it’s too late?

The county-wide watchdog’s survey is designed to test your knowledge of fraud and scams, including where reliable information advice and information can be found, as well as ways to respond in potential fraud situations.

The group said in a statement that ‘fraud and cybercrime, is on the increase. We are determined to fight back to help protect residents and their money. Together we have managed to reduce the level of many other types of crime, including burglary. We are inviting all Sussex residents to help us by answering a few simple questions None of these ask you for any personal financial information, nor will we contact you about any of your answers, nor will we publish anything which could lead to anybody being identified.’

The survey can be found by following this link -

What is fraud?

Fraud, in its simplest form, is trickery used to gain a dishonest advantage over another person, usually by financial means, but many kinds of fraud exist, including identify fraud, corporate fraud and online fraud. Many other kinds of fraud exist, but all of them aim to obtain your personal information, including addresses, dates of birth financial information such as account details and pin numbers as well as online account information such as usernames, passwords and ‘secret’ passwords such as a mother’s maiden name. This information is often used to steal your money.

Fraud can often lead to psychological and emotional harm for its victims, as well as financial harm. The Financial Action Task Force estimated that fraud incurs a loss of £50 billion a year to individuals and businesses, with some phone scams being used to fund terrorist organisations across the globe.

As well as the Neighbourhood Watch Survey, Sussex Police is running its own anti-fraud campaign in the form of Operation Signature, which aims to raise awareness of fraud through neighbourhood policing teams and local media, to identify and support vulnerable victims of Fraud in Sussex.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may have been a victim of fraud, you can visit the Action Fraud website at or contact Sussex Police directly at


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