New Tech that tells you how drunk you are

Published on by Nadine Vieira (writer), Rachel Mckenzie (editor)

How drunk are you getting tonight?


PROOF is the new writstband in town. Perfect for those New Year resolutions to cut down on drinking. It will tell you just how much alcohol you have consumed and how drunk you might be after those last few shots.
The wearable alcohol sensor is currently being revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Electronic watches and bands are the new craze these days and this gadget aims to turn you into a conscientious drinking adult.
Though unlike most bands it doesn’t detect your fitness. It tracks how much alcohol you’re consuming by tracking the alcohol molecules from your skin.


However, the wristband still can’t make good choices for you. It can only predict how drunk you are and will be and send messages when specific alcohol levels are reached. Hoping that you decide to put those car keys down and get in that licensed taxi.


The gadget tracks alcohol content for over 12 hours, and the battery lasts 4 days of continuous use.


The Gadget is paired with an app called PROOF, which also lets you connect with your friends and family through and invite only friends page.


They aim to be crowdfunded by the end of 2017 to be able to put their product on the market. So till then, drink responsibly


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