The unusual treasures of the Shores of Hastings

Published on by Jonaqline Addai (writer), Liyana Bt Mohamed Zulkifli (writer), Megan Bilsby (writer), Rachel Mckenzie (editor)

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The Ocean is wide, deep, and full of the unknown, you never know what might have washed up on the coastlines. Somewhere in the waters off the shores of Hastings, plastic bottles, dead fish, body parts and un-recycled waste are the only treasures ready for discovery.


Hastings beach is synonym of seagulls, breath taking sunsets and the pier. However, somewhere laying on the sea smooth pebbles are the odd treasures of the south-east sea.


“In my lifetime, I have seen a couple of people wash up on the beach and in the past we have had big bulks of timber wash up here” said Dean Adams local fisherman.


He also recalls a story his father told him when sometime in the 40s a boat full of bananas washed up on the shores. “They were picking bananas off the shores for weeks!” he continued to say.


Regardless of these unusual finds on the shores of the coastal town, two Hastings beaches have been awarded for high standards of cleanliness. Hastings beach inspector Brian Fox said “We do an inspection each day. We drive from one end of the promenade to the other checking the bins on the beach and things that have been washed up or littered.”

“We find bizarre things such as; bombs, body parts, dead cats, dogs and even sheep!” he continued to say.


If you ever wondered about what might be hidden deep down the seas of Hastings and hoped for gold and silver, your treasure hunt might be a total washout.




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