UK drone users to sit safety tests

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Drone users who own a device over 250g could face bans from flying near airports following a new government legislation. The proposed bill will be released in Spring 2018 and will ensure that people who own drones weighing above 250g to sit a safety test and register their drone. 

Police will be given powers to seize and ground drones that have been been involved in criminal activity.

Sarah Kennedy, Chief Constable of National Police Chiefs Council has said: 

"At the moment we're using other bits of the legislation to enable us to take action. This draft legislation will give us the powers we need to tackle drones when they are being used for criminal purposes."

She added, "It would help police tackle the increasing problem of drones delivering items, such as drugs and mobile phones, to prisons."

The Chief Constable also believe that the new legislation could help protect prison establishments from criminal drone activity through geo-fencing, which will programme no-fly zones into drones using GPS co-ordinates.  

Transport minister, Lady Sugg has said: "The government wanted to strike the right balance between harnessing drone potential and ensuring that they will not be misused."

As well as the new law, the government is also working on developing technology of drones, so they are able to complete deliveries of everything from shopping to human organs. 



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