Why We Should Be Shouting About Sprouts

Published on by Liberty Gatcombe (author)

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A nutritionist talks sprouts and why you won't want to be leaving a single one on your plate this Christmas.

Universities in Brighton shortlisted as the most "vegan-friendly"

Published on by Kate Stewart (author)

Vegan-Friendly Meal (photo: Pixaby )

Vegan-Friendly Meal

The University of Brighton and the University of Sussex have been named two of the most vegan-friendly in the UK.

Squeaks and Beeps from Household Appliances Could Disrupt Your Sleep

Published on by Adam Redondo Pearce (author)

Sound file from Adobe Audition (photo: )

Sound file from Adobe Audition

A study has revealed that some sounds that you expect in most households can disrupt sleep cycles.

January or Veganuary?

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

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We've all heard of dry January. But what about veganuary January?

Changing our diet could save the planet

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

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Scientists from 16 different countries warn: the way we eat must change dramatically, to avoid damage to our planet and ourselves.